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Grand Large Yachting

The Grand Large Yachting Group brings together in one association the renowned French boat builders Allures, Garcia, Outremer and Alumarine, specialising in long distance cruising boats.


ISTEC is a German company that specialises in downwind sails especially the Parasailor, the world’s first wing-integrated spinnaker, designed especially for short-handed crews. Blue Planet Odyssey participants will receive a 10% discount on a special Blue Planet Odyssey Parasailor design


The world’s leading sailing clothing brand, founded in 1965 by Keith Musto, a British Olympic sailor and engineer. Musto clothing are giving a 50% discount to Blue Planet Odyssey participants.

Global Telesat Communications

Global Telesat Communications will supply DeLorme inReach satellite trackers, airtime and online mapping capabilities for the Blue Planet Odyssey rally. Utilizing a combination of the GPS and Iridium satellite networks, the DeLorme inReach tracking devices provide 100% global coverage and will automatically transmit regular GPS location reports from the participating yachts. This will enable the yachts to be visually located and monitored by race spectators and organisers anywhere in the world. In addition, historic data will also be available to show movements of the yachts during the course of the rallies.

Eclectic Energy

UK-based company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative wind and wind water generators worldwide such as the D400 wind generator, Sea-Gen hydro generator, Sail-Gen and the DuoGen.

E-Marine Systems

Florida distributor of marine energy systems such as solar panels and wind chargers, as well as advising boat owners on the best systems for their boats.


Manufacturers of forward looking sonar as well as a range of depth, speed and wind instruments.

SeaTech Systems

Providers of systems for digital navigation, communication and weather.

Groupe YB Nautisme

One of the european leading supplier of inflatables dinghies (Caribe, Highfield, Seaclonic), with sales agents worldwide, offers -15% discount for boat owners registered in either the Atlantic, European, or Blue Planet Odyssey. (in French)


A French crew finding agency, soon to extend with an English site to address all the sailing community. 50% discount on the annual subscription (€22.5 instead of 45) is offered for Odyssey participants.

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In partnership with JCOMMOPS (the joint technical commission of the World Meteorological Organization and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO) and NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA), Blue Planet Odyssey and Atlantic Odyssey yachts will send back automated meteorological data and deploy drifter buoys in areas not frequented by commercial shipping to gather information on ocean currents, sea surface temperature, atmospheric pressure, winds and salinity. (NOAA Global Drifter Program)
See also: Atlantic Odyssey Contributes to Ocean Observation (UNESCO website)

Secchi Disk programme

We are working with Dr Richard Kirby of Plymouth University in his global Secchi Disk programme to study marine phytoplankton.

SeaBC Sea Bird Count

Rally participants are encouraged to document their at-sea bird sightings, which are logged into a global avian database for use by scientists and conservation organizations. (open Facebook group)
See also: Focus Your Cameras on Seabirds