10 Reasons Why

Ten reasons why you should be part of the Blue Planet Odyssey

  1. Sail around the world not just to fulfill your dream of completing a circumnavigation but do it for a higher purpose: to help raise awareness of the effects of climate change.
  2. Carry a message of friendship and goodwill to some of the most endangered places on the planet and show those people that the outside world, represented by us cruising sailors, cares about them and is concerned for their future.
  3. Take part in local community projects in the places visited by the rally.
  4. Take active part in a scientific research program dealing with the most immediate effects of climate change.
  5. Participate in an educational program aimed at school children worldwide.
  6. Use this unique opportunity to involve in this worthwhile project your local community, school, radio station, TV channel, newspaper, current work place and colleagues.
  7. Sail in the company of like-minded people who share your concern for the future of our planet.
  8. Sail in an organized event where some of the tedious aspects of cruising are taken care of by the organizers, and enjoy the security of sailing as part of a larger group, with the benefit of support in emergencies and help from fellow participants.
  9. Be part of a great adventure and grasp this opportunity to do it before it is too late.
  10. Be able to tell your children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and colleagues that you have at least tried to do your little bit for the future of the planet.