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Strong Canadian Involvement with the Blue Planet Odyssey

The audience at the Bluewater Cruising Association, in Vancouver

Vancouver, 9 February 2013

The Blue Planet Odyssey’s special Canadian interest was demonstrated at a presentation held at the Bluewater Cruising Association in Vancouver.  Among over sixty members who attended were several sailors who had already registered as potential participants, two of whom plan to sail in this global event accompanied by their young children.

A brief presentation of both the aims and practical aspects of the Blue Planet Odyssey was followed by a lively questions and answers session.

As on similar recent occasions, some of those who intend to take part made their high hopes for the event very clear, and urged us, as organisers, to do our best to fulfill the Blue Planet Odyssey’s potential in bringing the effects of climate change to the knowledge of the widest audience possible.

While I stressed that we are very much aware of the tasks that lie ahead, I pointed out that the participants themselves must also be prepared to play their own part to ensure the success of this joint endeavour.  This is why we expect them to involve their own local community, whether by getting a local school, newspaper or television channel to be associated with the event, and to follow its progress around the world as it calls at some of the places where the effects of climate change are already being felt.

Also in the audience was Richard Hudson, a Canadian who completed a westbound transit of the Northwest Passage in 2011, and who has generously offered his help to those who plan to follow in his wake as part of the Blue Planet Odyssey.

A similar Blue Planet Odyssey presentation was also held at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, where, once again, the special nature of this event was recognized by the audience.

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