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Andalucian stopover for Blue Planet Odyssey

Malaga, 4 January 2013

The port of Malaga with the visitors’ dock on the left of the  picture.

There is a golden rule in voyage planning: always work out your desired route backwards, as by doing that you have the advantage of being able to plan your schedule to arrive at your destination at the most favourable time.

So now that the London start of the Blue Planet Odyssey has been set for July 20, 2014, rather than continue the forward planning of the event in a linear way and visit the places along the proposed route in logical order, I decided to apply that rule by starting near the end and visit the last two ports on the Blue Planet Odyssey’s Mediterranean route: Malaga and Gibraltar.

Few other cities better qualify to be a host to the Blue Planet Odyssey than this attractive Andalucian port whose motto is “Sustainability and Environment”. At a preliminary meeting with the municipal authorities held earlier today it has been agreed in principle that Malaga will host the Blue Planet Odyssey on its European return in 2016.

Next port of call: Gibraltar.

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