December 18, 2012

Jimmy Cornell to personally meet every sailor who plans to join Blue Planet Odyssey

As the Paris boat show, which closed last Sunday, is the first major international boat show of the winter season, it was a convenient venue to introduce the Blue Planet Odyssey to sailors, journalists and boat builders.

Even in a country which has staged some of the most successful sailing events and has produced many of the most audacious sailors in modern times, the Blue Planet Odyssey has been greeted with great interest.

This has never happened when I launched a project in the past,’ said Jimmy, ‘that as soon as I mention the Blue Planet Odyssey and its aims, the idea is met instantly with such overwhelming enthusiasm whether by sailors, journalists, boat builders, marina operators or anyone else.

In order to bring the event, and its aims, to the attention of the widest possible audience, Jimmy will be holding Blue Planet Odyssey presentations at every major boat show on both sides of the Atlantic.

I intend to personally meet every sailor who plans to join the event,’ Jimmy has promised. His full schedule is listed on The website is now fully operational and will be widely expanded in the weeks and months to come.

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